History of the ETSI IPR Policy

  • We have access to all historical documents relating to the ETSI IPR Policy which have survived the times (ETSI paper and electronic archives, comprehensive Hillebrand CE GmbH company archive)
  • Several of our Consulting Engineers have participated in the development of the ETSI IPR Policy

Interpretation and application of FRAND

  • Analysis of whether a licensing proposal/request of a patent owner meets his FRAND obligations.
  • Analysis of whether a patent owner is bound by commitments to the ETSI IPR Policy.

Result of our work

  • We provide profound analysis for our clients according to their requirements.
  • We assist our clients in litigation by expert reports or by providing fact and expert witnesses in all courts.
  • We do, however, not determine FRAND rates.

Some Q&A on the ETSI IPR Policy, by Karl Heinz Rosenbrock

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