Welcome to Hillebrand Consulting Engineers GmbH, the home of expertise in wireless services, technology and IPR. Since January 2002, we have been helping clients from the mobile communication industry to solve burning issues through consulting and management services. Until 2010 the name of our company was Hillebrand & Partners Consulting Engineers (H&P). Effective from 1 January 2011 all business operations of H&P were transferred to the newly created Hillebrand Consulting Engineers GmbH. We undertook this step in order to transform our organization into a more future-proof form.

Solutions to client problems through the development of strategies
Hillebrand GmbH develops strategies in areas which are critical for clients. They reduce risks and enable sustainable, long-term growth. More

Services and Standards developments or improvements
Rich and robust services can be created by developing and enhancing standards. Hillebrand GmbH offers to develop contributions and to enable their approval by standards bodies. More

A rapid implementation of new services can be achieved for our clients. More

IPR related services litigations, licence negotiations or patent acquisitions
We provide first class experts who have been involved in the standardisation and the development of services and products. They are intimately familiar with the IPR related aspects. Hillebrand GmbH is an ETSI member. More

Books on Mobile Communications by Friedhelm Hillebrand 
Friedhelm Hillebrand is editor and author of several books on Mobile Communications. More

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