Hillebrand CEGmbH Organisation and Management

A company fulfilling the needs of demanding clients.

Hillebrand CE GmbH has more than 40 employed or contracted Consulting Engineers. In addition there are regular contacts to a wider range of experts who can be engaged on a short term basis, if their know-how is needed.

The central office of Hillebrand GmbH is located in Ramersdorfer Str. 13, D 53229 Bonn (Germany):

VAT numbers:

  • National VAT no. 206/5925/1068,
  • International VAT no. DE 815256746.
Ramersdorfer Str. 13, 53229 Bonn, Germany     Phone +49 228 47 47 70     E-Mail: hans.hauser@hillebrand-ce.com    Copyright: Hillebrand Consulting Engineers GmbH 2013