List of Consulting Engineers


Core competencies relevant for the work in Hillebrand GmbH

Bergmann, Dr. Ansgar

System development, strategy, standardisation, project organisation, architecture and protocols

Bishop, Craig

3GPP system requirements, system architecture, IMS, 3GPP radio access and non access stratum protocols

Calic, Dr. Janko

Video coding and processing, multimedia communications, video content management

Cooper, Dr. David

Mobile radio system development, radio interfaces, standardisation and intellectual property

Grauel, Dr. Christoph

Base station development, project management

Hauser, Hans

3GPP system architecture, core network protocols

Healey, Nick

Mobile phone user interfaces and user-facing functionality

Hillebrand, Friedhelm

Business and technology strategy, service and system development and international cooperation between operators and manufacturers, author/editor of books on Mobile Communications

Hochscherff, Andreas

Radio access technology, telecommunication network strategy and architecture

Kabal, Prof. Peter

Digital speech and audio processing and coding, data transmission

Nottelmann, Jan

Business and technical strategy as well as core technology and design for mobile terminals

Park, Ian D. C.

Network design, protocols for mobile systems and related standardisation

Peace, Graham

Radio access technology (2G, 3G, 4G), M2M, IoT

Purat, Prof. Dr. Marcus

Radio layer 1 concepts in mobile and broadcast communication systems, multimedia processing and related standardization

Rosenbrock, Karl Heinz

Business and technical strategy, standardization in telecommunications, (ETSI) IPR policy, and international co-operation

Roth, Wolfgang

Core network strategy and architecture, system development and standardisation

Sharp, Iain

Systems and signalling including mobility, security, voice calling, data session management, billing, IMS

Sommer, Prof. Dr. Volker

Radio Access Networks (RAN) technology and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) especially in the field of GSM and UMTS.

Vary, Prof. Dr. Peter

Digital speech processing and coding for cellular radio, joint source-channel coding, error concealment and modulation

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