Analysis of Patent Portfolios

  • Overall technical analysis of large portfolios (several hundred) provides a clearer picture for litigation or licensing negotiations:

    • characterization of the portfolio under broad criteria agreed with our client;
    • requires about 3 hours of work per patent.

  • Technical analysis of medium size portfolios (about 50 to 100 patents) provides a solid basis for litigation strategies or licensing negotiations:

    • first assessment of essentiality, validity or infringement;
    • quality assessment: identification of strong, medium strong and weak patents;
    • typically requires about 10 to 20 hours per patent, to be mutually agreed with the client;
    • in addition a deeper analysis of selected patents will be performed.

  • Statistical evaluation of patents declared to the ETSI IPR database, useful for e.g. patent acquisition or for arbitration purposes, including

    • the possibility of comparing very large patent portfolios or selected subsets on a declarant level,
    • the determination of either suitable royalty percentages according to ETSI FRAND or suitable package price ranges,
    • the support during license acquisition negotiations and arbitrations with people experienced in this,
    • various clean-up work on the ETSI declarations (de-duplication, assignment to technical areas, reduction to one patent per patent family, etc).

Result of our work

  • We provide profound analyses for our clients according to their requirements.
  • We assist our clients in developing a litigation strategy based on the results of the portfolio analysis, e.g. revocation of selected patents which were identified as weak.
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